"Details Matter"

Elevate Performances & Showmanship

 Improve Leaps, Jumps, & Turns

Learn Tactics to Implement Artistry into Everyday Practices.

Brought to you by Olympic Choreographers, Professional Dancers, World Champions, & Top Rated Judges!

Precision's Artistry Training has hepled some of the world's best gymasts increase the level of their performances!

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Each Workshop Includes :

  • Precision's Artistry Training©  
  • Showmanship Exercises
  • Lessons in Emoting
  • Improving Technique in Leaps, Jumps, & Turns
  • Drilling High-Level Leaps & Turns
  • Reviewing & Targeting FX/BB Non-Value Part Deductions
  •  Athlete Awards
  • Informative and Entertaining Presentations for Athletes, Coaches, &/or Parents 

Meet the Precision Professionals

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