MAG Camps

Precision's MAG Custom Training Camps take place in YOUR gym and are led by incredible figures in the MAG world. 

Our camps are drill-oriented with the goal of helping YOU, the coaches, gain the information you need to help your team throughout the year as well as how best to best prepare to identify and reach their long-term goals.  

Camps are 2.5 days* and held at your home gym: Day 1: Evening Orientation Clinics (2.5 hrs) Day 2: Training (6 hours) Day 3: Training & Star Session (4.5 hours)  

*Option to customize longer or shorter camps available.  

We are currently booking:  

Winter Weekend Camps to focus on preparing for the competitive season by nailing down routine composition & construction, finalizing new skills, and developing a strategic competition plan.  

"Primed for States© & Regionals-Ready©" Workshops & Camps to help athletes get back those last few tenths prior to State, Regional, & National Competitions with focuses on general deductions, virtuousity, and landings.  

-Post-Season Training Camps are a great opportunity to shift gears after the competitive season and motivate for summer training! Post-Season Training Camps focus on developing strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as drilling and acquiring new skills and combinations.  

Camp Highlights:

-Bridging the Gap between NCAA & Club Coaches -Staffing w/World-Class Staff -Prepared Rotation Schedules -In-House Staff Meetings -Press Handstand Mega Circuit© -NCAA Recruiting Process Education by top NCAA MAG Coaches -Judging Insight from Experienced MAG Judges -Customized Team Building Activities -Warm-Up and Flex Complexes -Athlete Awards -Precision's "Star Session" -Simple Athlete Registration  

Options to include the following sessions as add-on sessions after camp hours:  

-In-House Judging -Parent Education Presentations -Mental Toughness Training via SKYPE or In-Gym -Staff Cohesiveness Training -Spotting Clinics -Coaches' Clinics -Recreational Clinics -Girls' Team Clinics -Pre-Team Clinics -Private Lessons and more!  


Our MAG CustomTraining Camps are geared toward helping athletes AND coaches maximize their training and strategize long-term goals with the ultimate goal of athlete longevity. Our staff's diverse abilites & experience provide an educational opportunity that is unparalelled. Oh, and we think Men's Gymnastics is amazing and deserves amazing opportunities!

-Nicole Langevin, Precision Camps Owner


Precision's MAG Staff

Jason Gatson

Olympian & American Cup Champion

Justin Spring

Olympian & NCAA Champion

Head Coach, University of Illinois

Charlie Tamayo

3x Pan Am Champion and World Bronze Medalist, VT

Tyler Green


Jeffrey Brown

3x National Champion, Tumbling

... and more!

Interested in bringing this opportunity to your team?