Online Feedback

Submit a video and receive written, detailed analysis of all deductions, artistry tips, and supplemental screenshots. You can even schedule a follow-up phonecall to discuss any of your feedback! 

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Virtual Judging Session

Virtual Judging Session done via SKYPE, FACETIME, or Webex where your gymnast can do their routine "in front" of a judge and receive the same type of feedback as on our online form, but with the opportunity to ask questions and "see" the judge. This session allows for the opportunity for the athlete to repeat their routine(s), trying to implement the feedback. Total time is typically 25 minutes per event. This session must take place in a gym with the athlete's coach present.

Opportunites for team session as well.

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My Gym Judge© Workshops

Bring the MGJ staff to your gym! From the moment we start warm up, the workshop is carefully crafted to improve scores. Coaches and athletes will be provided with the knowledge, tools, and support to thrive!

1 Day, 4.5 Hours

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Some of Our Incredibe Staff:

Nicole Langevin

Chellsie Memmel

Loana Cruz