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We are so excited for Summer 2023 and our Add-Ons!

Please make a note of the following important information.


Camp Add-Ons

Gymnasts can take advantage of working with our World-Class Clinicians either individually or in a small group setting.

Individual Camp Add-Ons cost $175 for 75 minutes.

Semi-Private Add-Ons consisting of 2-4 athletes cost $125/athlete for 75 minutes.

Please remember, we have a limited amount of ADD-ON sessions that can be found on our EVENT CALENDAR.


For Precision Camp MA please click here to schedule an Add-On Session

For Precision Camp OCNY please click here to schedule an Add-On Session

For Precision Mini Camp NH please click here to schedule an Add-On Session

What is an Add-On session? It is scheduled conveniently outside of camp hours (requiring only an early drop off and/or late pick up to regular camp), and the session is GUARANTEED. Once all ADD-ON sessions are booked, we will do our best to schedule all waitlist athletes.


Sessions offered are:

-Artistry Training where your athlete will work with one of Precision's specially trained choreographers to inspire excellence, find your inner artist, and explore new ways to elevate your performance

-Private Lessons on any two events of choice

-Touch Up sessions dedicated to non-value part deductions and showmanship in order to increase scoring potential on floor and beam

-Semi-Private Sessions

-One-on-One Sessions With A Physical Therapist

*If you don't see a session that you were hoping for, simply email to place a request: precisioncamps@gmail.com. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request, we will do our best to do so!

Simply go to our EVENT CALENDAR, search for the month of your camp, and see the available sessions offered at the ADD-ON rate. If you see a session you would like that does not have any available session openings, you can join the waitlist by registering for the the event with the same name that ends in "WAITLIST."

How Do I Join a Waitlist?

It's easy! For example, if you are registered for Precision Camp North Carolina and want to schedule a FX Choreography Add-On Session, you may see that the option for North Carolina Camp ADD-ON FX Choreography Session doesn't have any spots left. So, click on North Carolina Camp ADD-ON FX Choreography Session WAITLIST to join the waitlist. You do not need to pay to be on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, we will place gymnasts on a first come-first served basis. Sessions may be scheduled on a camp day or up to 2 days before or 2 days after camp and there will be an additional $50 charge over the ADD-ON rate. You will receive an email when your child is scheduled and we will process the total balance of the session using the card in your portal. That said, please only join the WAITLIST if you agree to be charged and scheduled for the session, should the opportunity arise.


Email: Precisioncamps@gmail.com

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