213 Turnpike St, Stoughton, MA 02072

DATES: July 18-21, 2022

Register by 5/18/22 for free camp leotard. All others can be purchased on site.

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Registration will open January 2, 2022

Sample Schedule*

*Subject to modification.

Mon 7/11

Coaches' Virtual Orientation



Mon 7/18

3:45pm Coaches' Mtg

4:30pm-7:00pm CAMP ORIENTATION

Reviewing the Precision Warm-Up

*link to new warm up coming soon!*

Specialized Clinics

Leotard Distribution


Tue 7/19

9:10am Coaches' Mtg

9:30am-2:30pm Full Training Day

4:00-5:00 PreTeam Artistry Training Clinic 

Wed 7/20

9:10am Coaches' Mtg

9:30am-2:30pm Full Training Day

4:00-5:15 Rec Clinic


Thu 7/21

8:10am Coaches' Mtg

9:30am-1:30pm Full Training Day

12:30-1:30 Camp Finale & Awards

Free Parent Seminars

"Ask(& Learn from) the Judge

"Understanding NCAA Recruiting"

Scheduling TBD


Clinic for PreTeam Gymnasts: Tuesday 7/19/21 4:00-5:00

Clinic for Recreational Gymnasts: Wednesday 7/20/22 4:00-5:00

Tuition Info:

Register by 5/18/22 for free camp leotard. All others can be purchased on site.


1 Coach comes for free with 5 registered athletes (2 coaches for 10 athletes etc)

$149/coach (coaches' pay on site)


Athletes!!!! Please watch and start to familiarize yourself with the Precision Warm-Up by clicking

*link to new warm up coming soon!*

Camp Store!

We will have the Precision Store set up on-location for athletes to purchase various, gymnastics-related items.

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Camp Store!

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Our camp store will be open 20 minutes before each day's start time,30 minutes after each camp day, and during breaks/lunch.

Camp store items are available for purchase using cash, check made payable to "Precision Choreography," VENMO: @precisionchoreo, or PAYPAL:

Contest FAQs

What are the camp contests?

We have 2 ongoing contests during camp: The Trivia Contest and the Instagram Contest!

How does each contest work?
In the Trivia contest, groups compete against each other to get the most points by the last day of camp. Each morning, we will have a quick trivia contest where groups compete to answer questions about notable gymnasts from history. The questions will be based on the groups' names. The team with the most points by theist day of camp wins. Every athlete in the winning group will win the same prize which will be determined at the start of camp.

With the Instagram contest, athletes will post a short video of themselves (alone or with another camp participant) performing their own, choreographed movement to the camp motto, "Take a turn, gain a tenth. Make it count." The video should be no longer than 60 seconds. VIDEOS MUST USE THE HASHTAG #PRECISIONCAMPSPHRASETHATPAYS AND MUST TAG @PRECISIONCHOREO TO BE CONSIDERED. 3-5 winners will be chosen on the last day (based on camp size) and will be judged on creativity, precision, and connection to the motto. Videos can be posted anytime between the first day of camp until 7:00pm on the second to last day of camp. Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on the last day of camp. Each winner will "roll the dice" to win 1 of 6 different prizes.

What is my daughter's group name?

In an effort to encourage gymnasts to learn about the history of their sport, we have named their groups after notable gymnasts from the past. You can find your child's group name from the list below:

Deng Group: Deng Linlin

Ponor Group: Catalina Ponor

Korbut Group: Olga Korbut

Silivas Group: Daniela Silivas

Lysenko Group: Tatiana Lysenko

Can my child prepare for trivia?

Yes! We will give hints at the end of each training day so that athletes can research effectively.

Owner, Nicole Langevin

Olympic Choreographer  

International Clinician

Level 10-Rated Judge  

Check out Nicole's choreography!

Chellsie Memmel

3X World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist

Brevet Judge

Check out Chellsie winning Worlds!

Elizabeth Price

U.S. Olympic Team Member


Watch Elizabeth get a 10.0!

JJ Ferreira

NCAA Coach, University of Maryland  

Wendy Bruce

Olympic Bronze Medalist

Mental Toughness Coach

Check Out Wendy at WorldChampionships!

*Your camp's clinicians will be confirmed upon confirmation of registered athletes by the deposit deadline.

*Clinicians may be added/removed based on Camp enrollment. 

*Clinicans subject to change based on Camp enrollment, USAG, USOC or another governing body engagement, illness, or injury. 

Register by 5/18 for free camp leotard. All others can be purchased on site.