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We are so excited for Summer 2023 and our revamped camp format!

Please make a note of the following important information. If it seems like a lot, don't worry! We've included a checklist at the bottom for your convenience.


1) Camp Add-Ons

Gymnasts can take advantage of working with our World-Class Clinicians either individually or in a small group setting. Another perk to attending Precision Camp is that you will not be responsible for any travel fees for our choreographers and clinicians.

Individual Camp Add-Ons cost $175 for 75 minutes. Add-Ons consisting of 2-4 athletes cost $125/athlete for 75 minutes.

Please remember, we have a limited amount of ADD-ON sessions that can be found on our EVENT CALENDARWhat is an Add-On session? It is scheduled conveniently outside of camp hours (requiring only an early drop off and/or late pick up to regular camp), and the session is GUARANTEED. Once all ADD-ON sessions are booked, we will do our best to schedule all waitlist athletes.



Sessions offered are:

-FX Choreography 

-BB Choreography

-Floor Choreography Touch-Up Sessions

-Private Lessons

-Semi-Private Lessons

-One-on-One Sessions With A Physical Therapist

*If you don't see a session that you were hoping for, simply email to place a request: precisioncamps@gmail.com. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request, we will do our best to do so!

Simply go to our EVENT CALENDAR, search for the month of your camp, and see the available sessions offered at the ADD-ON rate. If you see a session you would like that does not have any available session openings, you can join the waitlist by registering for the the event with the same name that ends in "WAITLIST."

How Do I Join a Waitlist?

It's easy! For example, if you are registered for Precision Camp North Carolina and want to schedule a FX Choreography Add-On Session, you may see that the option for North Carolina Camp ADD-ON FX Choreography Session doesn't have any spots left. So, click on North Carolina Camp ADD-ON FX Choreography Session WAITLIST to join the waitlist. You do not need to pay to be on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, we will place gymnasts on a first come-first served basis. Sessions may be scheduled on a camp day or up to 2 days before or 2 days after camp and there will be an additional $50 charge over the ADD-ON rate. You will receive an email when your child is scheduled and we will process the total balance of the session using the card in your portal. That said, please only join the WAITLIST if you agree to be charged and scheduled for the session, should the opportunity arise.


2) Choreography Sessions for HOST GYM Athletes Only!!!

These sessions will take place outside of camp days to ensure all athletes have an opportunity for new choreography. Once you have registered for camp, you can add your choreography session through the events page on the Jackrabbit website. You will be prompted to answer the athlete questionnaire which will give your choreographer more information to create your custom routines! 


Although choreography is not until summer, there are steps you can take to begin the process. Music selection can be difficult but is an exciting part of getting new choreography. Below are a few things to consider when selecting music:

-What kind of performance are you excited and comfortable with?

-Do you prefer soft and smooth or sharp and strong? What music makes you feel that? 

-Consider tempo and your ability to move fast and slow

-Try to picture emotions or a story when listening to each song


Once you have selected your music, please email it to precisionroutines@gmail.com with the following information:

-Athletes full name and level

-Your athlete's Camp 

-Video of a routine from this competition season



Here is a direct link to the choreo registration form if you are having trouble finding it through the "Events" page:



3) Leotards 

Please be sure that you provided your child's leotard size to ensure that we have the proper leotard for your child. We will order leotards 1 month before your camp using the sizes provided in your registration. You are welcome to go back into your account to adjust, if necessary. Leotards will be distributed at Orientation. We will have additional leotard designs available for purchase so that your gymnast can wear a different Precision Leo each day of camp! Our Leotard vendor is Quatro, so please be sure to use the QUATRO sizing chart which can be found HERE and on our website.

Don't forget to take advantage of securing a 2nd Camp Leotard for a discounted price during your registration process!


4) T-Shirts*

If you chose to answer in the affirmative to "charge account  $20 for shirt?," we will bring a Precision shirt for your child and provide it to them upon check in. If you did not, shirts may be purchased on site for $25 with limited sizes available.


5) Camp Warm-Up!!!!

It is very important that athletes learn the Precision Camps Warm Up prior to camp. This warm-up will be used each day. This should be a fun and not stressful process. We will help athletes learn the musicality and details during orientation! The link to the warm up is HERE. If you search YouTube, you will find multiple Precision Warm Ups. Your child's camp warm up will be called "Precision Camps Warm Up 2022-2023."


6) Final Schedule 

Your camp's final schedule will be confirmed approximately 2 weeks before your camp and can be found on our website: www.precisionchoreo.com/registration


7) Food

On full camp days, athletes should bring their own lunch and a beach towel for "picnic style lunch." Lunch breaks will be between 30-50 minutes. There is also a 5 minute "buffer" between rotations when athletes are welcome to grab a quick snack if needed. Athletes should also bring ample water to last throughout the day.

If your child has an allergy that we and/or other campers should be aware of, please email Nicole at precisioncamps@gmail.com so that we can alert the staff and families.


8) Camp Store

Items available* are:

Precision T-Shirt: $25

Precision XBands for Grips: $12/pair or $20/2 pair

Precision Leotards: $45 or $80/2 

Precision Water Bottles: $12/each or $20/2

Precision Mini Notebook: $12/each or $20/2

PC Headbands: $12/each or $20/2

Items can be purchased with cash, check (made out to "Precision Choreography"), or access to PayPal or Venmo. If you are sending your child with a check, please include a note with a maximum amount they may spend OR pre-fill the check.

*Item availability may vary


9) Autographs and Photos

Our staff is pretty amazing! We love to provide autographs and photos for our campers. Every athlete will be photographed, individually, with our staff on the last day of camp. These photos will be posted on Facebook.com/precisionchoreo for you to acquire. Autographs will be provided during Orientation. Athletes are invited to Bring up to 3 items to be autographed. Our camp store will be open prior to Orientation if you would like your child to purchase an item from the store to be autographed, please send them with cash, check (made out to "Precision Choreography"), or access to PayPal/Venmo. 


10) Parent Volunteers

We are looking for 1 parent volunteer each day to get "the best seat in the house" to camp. Parent volunteer responsibilities include:

-taking photos and videos throughout camp (we will guide you), you do not need to be a professional photographer, and iPhone/device is perfectly acceptable

-ordering and picking up lunch for our staff

As a thank you, parent volunteers will receive:

-$50 off their tuition payment per volunteer day

-lunch on their volunteer day

-a million "thank yous!"

If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, please email Nicole at: precisioncamps@gmail.com and include your full name, your athlete's name, the camp your child will be attending, and the day(s) you are available to volunteer. 


11) Payments

Please note that we will process any remaining balances for camp tuition and add-on sessions 1 WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR CAMP START DATE.


12) Athletes coming without friends/teammates

While the host club will typically have the most athletes in attendance, we ALWAYS have athletes joining from other gyms, states, even countries! One of our agenda items at Orientation is redefining "teammate." That, for the next 4 days, we are all on the same team. While we do a lot to ensure that solo attendees feel comfortable and have a buddy (and way more by the end of camp;), we also understand that there can be some hesitation stepping into any new situation, let alone without a buddy.  If your child will be attending camp solo, please let us know so that we can make sure to give a little extra TLC during Orientation. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact info below.


All the Best,

The Team at Precision Camps

ph) tx) 774-258-1582

e) Precisioncamps@gmail.com

Pre-Camp Checklist   

  • Water and healthy lunch & snack & beach towel (for picnic-style) lunch 
  • Access to Venmo or PayPal or cash/check (made out to "Precision Choreography") for camp store Register for any desired and available add-on sessions Camp Warm Up learned Grips, wristbands, & any other personal gymnastics items Items to be autographed (in addition to camp Leo) 
  • T-shirt size entered in registration (only necessary if you agreed to charge account $20) Otherwise, t-shirts will be available on site in limited sizes. (all boys receive free shirt) 
  • Leotard size (Quatro) entered accurately in registration. No additional cost if you were registered 1 month prior to camp start date.

Email: Precisioncamps@gmail.com

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