A2 Gym and Cheer

16B Garabedian Drive, Salem, NH 03079, US

DATES: September 22-24, 2023

Train with World-Class Coaches, Clinicians, & Judges!

Open to ALL Competitive Levels.

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(Visiting athletes can register through camp registration link)

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What Happens at Camp?

Precision Mini Camps Include:

  • Top-Notch Training on All Events by World-Class Professionals
  • Judging Insight by Top Rated Judges
  • Artistry Training by Olympic Choreographers
  • Injury Prevention Education by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Specializing in Gymnastics
  • Free Camp Leotards*
  • Stand Out Awards
  • Prizes from our Sponsors
  • End of Camp Awards, Acknowledgements, & Photos for Family & Friends
  • Parent Presentations
  • Opportunities for Private Lessons and/or Choreography Outside of Camp Hours*

*For choreography, A2 Athletes register below. Visiting athletes will register in conjunction with camp registration.

(Visiting athletes can register through camp registration link)

Please watch and start to familiarize yourself with the

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What's a Typical Day of Camp?

Preliminary Schedule (will be confirmed closer to camp).

Fri. Sept. 22


(Approx 3 hours)


  • Check-In, Leotard & Shirt Distribution
  • Introduction of Staff
  • Warm Up Review
  • Specialized Rotations:

  • Air Awareness
  • "Ask the Judge"
  • Injury Prevention
  • Floor Bar
  • Artistry

  • Autographs
  • "Phrase That Pays"
  • Camp Closing

Sat. Sept. 23

Day 2, Full Training Day

(5.5 hours)


  • Morning Gym-Trivia
  • Warm-Up
  • Handstand Complex
  • Event Rotations:

  • Vault Yurchenko Clinic
  • Bars Circling Elements Clinic
  • Beam Acro Series Clinic
  • Back Tumbling Clinic

  • Lunch
  • Express Warm-Up and Physical Challenge
  • Personalized Event Rotations:

  • Vault
  • Bars
  • Beam
  • Tumbling

  • Group Leap/Turn Clinic
  • Yoga Down Cool
  • Camp Closing

Sun. Sept. 24

Day 3

(4 hours)


  • Morning Gym-Trivia
  • Warm-Up
  • Event Rotations
  • Camp Awards & Photos (families welcome!)


Who can attend camp?

Precision Camps are open to gymnasts of all competitive levels and leagues (USAG Dev, Xcel, USAIGC, NGA, AAU etc).

Do athletes need to attend with a coach or teammates?

No. Most camps have a mix of athletes coming as a group or on their own. We will ensure individual athletes integrate into their training groups comfortably. Visiting coaches are welcome and encouraged to come with their athletes, but it is not required.

Is there an age minimum?

If the gymnast can manage the hours of camp, then they are welcome to attend! Please check out the camp schedule and base your decision to send a younger athlete to camp based on their ability to maintain focus and energy throughout the duration of each day. In addition, we provide extra break times for younger athletes who may need them!

How are athletes grouped?

We will group athletes based on the competitive level entered in their registration. It can be hard to anticipate what level they may be months ahead of time, please email if there is a level change prior to camp. If an athletes needs to move groups after the start of camp, they can speak with us after Orientation and we will make adjustments as needed.

Is this an overnight camp?

No. Precision Camps do not offer lodging for athletes. Many traveling campers will come with other team members (and of course an adult!) and stay at an Airbnb to make it a fun week!

Do You Offer Sibling or Military Discounts?

Yes! Sibling discounts are automatically applied to your account. Military discounts are honored for families of active military upon request.

What is the cost of camp?

Precision Camp tuition is $299 if you register and provide deposit by 12/31/22. After 12/31/22, tuition is $329.

What are add-on sessions?

We offer a limited amount of floor and/or beam choreography, choreography touch-ups, and private lessons. These sessions are scheduled outside of camp hours. "Premium" sessions are available to the first registrants and are considered "Premium" because, they are conveniently scheduled shortly after or before camp and are discounted by $50. Other add-ons can still be scheduled but may be in the days before or after camp. Scheduling is based on travel and host gym availability.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes! Our detailed payment policies are located within the registration. You need only to provide a $100 deposit to secure your child's spot in camp. From there, payments are spread out monthly. If you have circumstances that require a different payment plan, please reach out via email or phone and we will do our best to work with you:, 774-258-1582

Are Meals Provided?

No. Athletes should come to each camp day with a lunch, snack, and water. Only a snack is needed for Orientation Day.

Need Help? Have More Questions?

Feel free to call, text, or email using the contact info below:


Ph/Tx: 774-258-1582

Owner, Nicole Langevin

Olympic Choreographer  

International Clinician

Level 10-Rated Judge

Beam Choreographer for the Swiss National Team  

Check out Nicole's choreography!

Shira Lewis, DPT

National Clinician

Director of Choreography, Precision Choreography

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Specializing in Gymnastics

Chellsie Memmel

3x World Champion

USA Gymnastics Technical Lead

Brevet Judge


Alicia Sacramone

10x World Medalist

Olympic Silver Medalist

USA Gymnastics Strategic Lead

Ryan Roberts

USAG National Staff

NCAA Coach University of Georgia


Wendy Bruce

Olympic Bronze Medalist

Head Coach for The Swiss National Team

Mental Toughness Coach

Check Out Wendy at World Championships!

Elizabeth Price

Olympic Team Member

American Cup AA Champion

NCAA Champion

Jeremy Mosier

Elite Coach

Canadian National Team Member T&T

Owner, Pegasus Gymnastics

Mohini Bhardwaj

Olympic Silver Medalist

NCAA Champion

Head Dev. Coach

Justin Spring

Olympic Bronze Medalist

NCAA Coach, University of Alabama

*Your camp's staff will be confirmed upon confirmation of registered athletes by the deposit deadline.

*Clinicians may be added/removed based on Camp enrollment. 

*Clinicans subject to change based on Camp enrollment, USAG, FIG, USOC, NAWGJ, or another governing body engagement, illness, or injury. 

(Visiting athletes can register through camp registration link)

Athletes!!!! Please watch and start to familiarize yourself with the

Precision Warm-Up by clicking


Camp Store!

We will have the Precision Store set up on-location for athletes to purchase various, gymnastics-related items.

We can't wait to show you our NEW swag! 

Our camp store will be open 20 minutes before each day's start time,30 minutes after each camp day, and during breaks/lunch.

Camp store items are available for purchase using cash, check made payable to "Precision Choreography,"

VENMO: @precisionchoreo, or PAYPAL:


What are the camp contests?

We have 2 ongoing contests during camp: The Trivia Contest and the Instagram Contest!

How does each contest work?
In the Trivia contest, groups compete against each other to get the most points by the last day of camp. Each morning, we will have a quick trivia contest where groups compete to answer questions about notable gymnasts from history. The questions will be based on the groups' names. The team with the most points by the last day of camp wins. Every athlete in the winning group will win the same prize which will be determined at the start of camp.

With the Instagram contest, athletes will post a short video of themselves (alone or with another camp participant) performing their own, choreographed movement to the camp motto, "Take a turn, gain a tenth. Make it count." The video should be no longer than 60 seconds. VIDEOS MUST USE THE HASHTAG #PRECISIONCAMPSPHRASETHATPAYS AND MUST TAG @PRECISIONCHOREO TO BE CONSIDERED. 3-5 winners will be chosen on the last day (based on camp size) and will be judged on creativity, precision, and connection to the motto. Videos can be posted anytime between the first day of camp until 7:00pm on the second to last day of camp. Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on the last day of camp. Each winner will "roll the dice" to win 1 of 6 different prizes.

What is my child's group name?

In an effort to encourage gymnasts to learn about the history of their sport, we have named their groups after notable gymnasts from the past. You can find your child's group name from the list below:

Weiber Group: Jordyn Weiber

Bruce Group: Wendy Bruce

Silvas Group: Daniela Silivas

Lysenko Group: Tatiana Lysenko

Gadirova Group: Jessica Gadirova

Can my child prepare for trivia?

Yes! We will give hints at the end of each training day so that athletes can research effectively.