Check out these opportunities to get the benefits of Precision with FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING and NO TRAVEL!  

Virtual Coaches' Clinics

Register now, schedule later!

Sessions take place via ZOOM. Available for individuals or groups of up to 10 (# of participants does not affect cost).

Topics Include:

  • Staff Cohesiveness
  • Training Plans
  • Techincal: Tumbling
  • Technical: UB
  • Technical: BB
  • Technical: Leaps/Jumps
  • Artistry
  • Policies: Team
  • Policies: Staff
  • Policies: Team Parents
  • PreTeam Training Plans
  • Strategic Meet Selection
  • Injury Prevention
  • Training the Core for Optimal Performance

1 Session: $149 (Group cost, max 10. Over 10 coaches, add $50/session)

2 Sessions: $249 (Group cost, max 10. Over 10 coaches, add $50/session)

3 Sessions: $349 (Group cost, max 10. Over 10 coaches, add $50/session

4 Sessions: $449 (Group cost, max 10. Over 10 coaches, add $50/session)

Virtual Artistry Services & Touch-Ups © 

Improve artistry, fine tune choroegraphy, & improve scoring potential from the comfort of your home!

Sessions take place via ZOOM.


10% discount on


Artistry Academy

This virtual classroom is a blast! Oh! And it also helps improve scoring potential on BB and FX!

Students of Artistry Academy will learn tactics to bring out their inner artist and learn to LOVE TO PERFORM!

Artistry Academy runs in 1 or 2 week sessions and occur during school breaks. Groups/Teams are also able to schedule private class sessions.


V.I.P Membership

This monthly subscription gives your athlete unparalleled access to our World-Class Staff & Services.

Membership Benefits Include:

-Submit up to 3 videos per month for verbal feedback (skills, progressions, or full routines on any event)

-1 Virtual Mini-Session per month to work on choreography nuances

-Unlimited submissions to My Gym Judge for detailed routine analysis from some of the world's top judges at 20% off.

-Unlimited 20% off In-Person or Virtual Choreography, Touch-Up© Sessions, & Artistry Training.

-1 FREE* Precision Camp registration per year ($469 value!)

-1 FREE* Details Matter or Competitive-Edge Workshop per year ($169-$289 value!)

-V.I.P. q&a with our World-Class staff during Precision Camp or Workshop!

-Precision Headband

Membership Rates:

$249/mo or $2,499/annual

*These Membership benefits only eligible with annual payment in full.

Virtual Coaches' Clinics
Virtual Artistry Training!

Some of Our Incredibe Staff:

Nicole Langevin

Chellsie Memmel

Alicia Sacramone

Kristen Maloney

Wendy Bruce

Justin Spring

Jeffrey Brown

Loana Cruz

Houry Gebeshian