Preparing for your

Precision Choreography Session

Now that you are registered for choreography, let us help you prepare for your session!


Prep Check List:

Selecting Music:

  • Complete the athlete questionnaire through the Jackrabbit Registration Portal including the routine format (how many tumbling passes/leaps/etc.) and your skill selection (as best as possible)
  • Select music
  •  Send music selection and a past routine video to with: Athlete's Name, Club, and Level
  • Session date and time will be confirmed through email
  • Bring personal recording device to your session
  • Virtual Choreography: be sure to have a clear space, stable internet, and wireless headphone if in a loud gym
  • Attire: Fitted active wear or a leotard (We will not be tumbling!)
  •  Parents are allowed to stay and watch (per gym regulations) but are not required to stay if another adult is in the gym

Music selection can be difficult, but is an exciting part of getting new choreography. Below are a few things to consider when selecting music:

  • What type of movement do you prefer? Soft, sharp, smooth, dramatic, strong, etc.?
  • What music makes you feel that?
  • What kind of performance are you excited about and comfortable with?
  • Try to picture emotions or a story when listening to a song
  • Consider tempo and your ability to move fast or slow

After Your Session...


  • Each athlete will leave their session with notes, videos, a 2-Week Training Plan, and 2 FREE weeks of virtual support
  • Continue growing your routine through discounted in-person or virtual Touch-Ups©
  • Every Precision routine is eligible to be nominated for our prestigious awards
  • Award of Excellence: For an athlete who displayed an exceptionally strong work ethic and dedication to artistry during their session as well as a desire and potential to bring their routine to a level of excellence that exceeds regular expectation.
  • Evolution Award: For an athlete who has transformed their routine into a masterpiece of beauty and expression through independent work as well as collaboration during Touch-Up© sessions
  • Routine of the Year: A Precision Routine that is a notable showstopper. This routine and athlete will have consistently earned top accolades throughout the season.
  • For support, nominations, Touch-Ups©, questions, and to keep us updated please email

Meet the Precision Team

Nicole Langevin

Olympic Choreographer

Alicia Sacramone

10x World Medalist

Kristen Maloney

Olympic Silver Medalist

Shira Lewis

Nationally-Renowned Choreographer

Wendy Bruce-Martin

Olympic Bronze Medalist

 ...and more!