Earn New Equipment for Your Gym!



You've already made the decision to bring a beneficial experience to your athletes and staff. 

Now, let's extend the benefit to your facility!

The equipment incentive program works by earning FREE equipment based on the number of registered athletes to your hosted camp (from your gym or visiting gyms).

Based on your total # of registered and paid-in-full athletes on the day of your camp start date, you will qualify for one of the following levels:

GOLD LEVEL: 100+ registered athletes

SILVER LEVEL: 50-99 registered athletes

BRONZE LEVEL: 30-49 registered athletes

From there, simply choose your desired equipment and it will be shipped to you! ALL FOR FREE!*

* Limit 1 option per gym from the highest level achieved through athlete registration.

Gold Level 

Set of 2 Spotting Blocks (Choose your color)

Set of two 24" high stackable Spotting Blocks. Great for use anywhere in the gym.  

Versatile blocks for spotting, skill stations, or plyo-training Can be used individually or stacked and secured together with hook-and-loop tabs Available in your choice of 13 vinyl colors Each block measures: 24" W x 48" L x 24" H Secured together measures 48" high

The Chalk Trap

25"W x 25"L x 34"H Helps to keep the air in the gym cleared by handling it right at the source. -Reduces cleaning time -Helps prolong the life of your Air Conditioning and Heating units by reducing the amount of chalk floating in the gym -Specifically targets the fine chalk particles at the source, the chalk bin 

5' x 10' 8" Mat

8" thick skill cushions use a polyurethane foam core -Air release vents to help diffuse energy upon impact -All mats have a heavy duty cover and handles for easy moving

Silver Level

Pit Pillow Jr.

This is an extra soft gymnastic mat (some might call it a throw mat), with denim cover and very low density foam, designed to mimic the feel of a mat on a loose foam pit.  

The Pit Pillow has Velcro™ on all sides, so that several can be connected end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked vertically. The Velcro™ also allows the Pit Pillow to connect to our other smart mats, such as the Mama Bear or the Jr. Air Floor with cover.

Beam Target

The NEW Beam Target Blocks provide a wider landing or take off zone when training on balance beam. Cover material is the same as our competition balance beam Narrow Blocks are 2" wide and 36" long, expanding the beam up to 9" wide Wide Blocks are 4" wide and 36" long, expanding the beam up to 11" wide

Throw Mat

(choose your color)

Made from soft polyurethane foam Heavy Duty covering with handles for easy moving

4' x 8'

Sting Mat

This competition and training mat is both lightweight and versatile, providing extra cushioning for landings. 

39 3/8" x 39 3/8"

Meets USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications Foam is removable for easy cleaning of cover All mats are made with a core of 1-1/4" PCA foam, except for 416584 which is made with a 2" prime polyurethane core Mats roll up for storage with hook and loop fastener straps.

Bronze Level

3 Velcro Beams

8' long 4 color Velcro beam strips are perfect for learning cartwheel, lining up classes, creating obstacle courses, etc.

Bronze Level gets you 3 of these beams!

2 Open Shoulder Trainers

The Open Shoulder Trainer is a light, padded device that fits around an athlete’s shoulder and neck in order to remind the athlete of the open shoulder position necessary for skills that move through a handstand.  

How often do you repeat “KEEP YOUR SHOULDERS OPEN”, every day in your gym? The Open Shoulder Trainer is easy to use and doesn’t allow athletes to drop their shoulders on handstands, cartwheels, round offs, limber walkovers and other skills that require an open shoulder technique. You will want at least 5-10 Open Shoulder Trainers in your gym. GREAT FOR BAR WORK TOO!  

Bronze Level gets you 2 of these trainers!  

The Original Block (2)

18 x 12 x 6"  

Want a solution to students standing in line waiting on their turn for gymnastics? Numerous stations can be made for your students using The Original Block while you are working a one-on-one station! 

Made of Durable 18oz Vinyl with 2 velcro strips on the bottom to provide a no slip surface. Perfect height for teaching preshcool cartwheels and multiple uses for conditioning and skills beyond the cartwheel.  

Bronze Levels gets you 2 of these blocks!

On the final day of registration, we will contact you to choose your NEW EQUIPMENT!

Questions? call: 774-258-1582

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