VIRTUAL Choreography Sessions

Custom choreography sessions with World-Class Choreographers

Judging insight AND feedback to help MAXIMIZE SCORING POTENTIAL

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Precision's Artistry Training has hepled some of the world's best gymasts increase the level of their performances!

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Each FX Session Includes :

Simple Sign-Up Process:

  • 2, 60-90 minute one-on-one virtual sessions with a World-Class Choreographer (athlete can be home or at gym) plus 1 "floor pattern" session with athlete in gym
  • Routine "map" and timing notes to share with coaches
  • 2 week training plan: "how to work your routine"
  •  2 weeks of free support including video exchange and feedback
  • Professionally edited VIDEO TUTORIAL of routine
  • FREE submission to to receive detailed feedback from some of country's top JUDGES.
  • Parents register athletes online
  • We manage scheduling of sessions
  • We provide "upcoming session" reminders
  •  Music uploading or music requests happen easily through our registration system
  • Ability to break up payments with payment plan options

Individual Choreography Sessions

  • Custom-created routines to showcase each athletes' unique strengths
  • Routines designed to MAXIMIZE SCORING POTENTIAL
  • $379-$599 based on routine length

Team Choreography

  • 2 styles ("sharp" and "elegant") per level
  • Streamlined choreo to allow for efficient training and mastery
  • Routines designed to MAXIMIZE SCORING POTENTIAL
  • Opportunities for Individual Embellishments
  • $179-$299/athlete based on routine length

Meet the Precision Team

Nicole Langevin

Olympic Choreographer

Alicia Sacramone

10x World Medalist

Kristen Maloney

Olympic Silver Medalist

Shira Lewis

Nationally-Renowned Choreographer

Wendy Bruce-Martin

Olympic Bronze Medalist

 ...and more!