So...What Exactly Does Precision Do?

We've been getting that question a lot lately... 

Short Answer: We do a lot. 

Not-So-Short Answer: We love gymnastics and love providing as many diverse and beneficial services as possible.

Check them out! 


Details Matter© Workshops

Showmanship,Presentation, & Leap/Jump/Turn Technique

1 Day, 5 hours

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Regionals-Ready© Workshops

Get back those last few tenths before State, Regional, & National Championships!

1 Day, 3 hours

 Custom Workshops

-Developing High Level Leaps and Jumps

-Pre-Team & Developmental Training Tactics

-Lead-Ups for Optional Level BB Dismounts

-Building Toward Flight Series

-Bounding for Bonus (front tumbling-Direct Connections)

-Increasing power in RO+BHS

and more!

60-75 minutes each

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FX & BB Choreography

One-on-one sessions with World Class Choreographers. Unparalleled follow-up. Custom tailored choreo with judges' insight!

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Artistry Training©

Innovative movement exercises, self-expression exploration & tactics for improving presentation and showmanship.

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Target minimizing deductions for footwork, posture & flexibility, as well as improving artistic performance of current routines.

Also Available!! VIRTUAL TOUCH-UPS©!! 

These sessions take place via Facetime, SKYPE, or Webex and allow for flexibility of scheduling. During practice or at home!

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 We also offer educational webinars for coaches, athletes, & parents!

Check out our Sister Companies:

Like a Champ!©

Event-Specific Workshops Desigend by Alicia Sacramone



Swing (WAG, UB)...

Swing (MAG, PB)...



...Like a Champ! 

2 Days, 4.75 hours each

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My Gym Judge©

Judging Feedback and Tips for Improvement.

Online Feedback

Virtual Judging Sessions

In-Gym Workshops, "Regionals-Ready!" and "Pre-Season Prep": 1 Day, 4-5 Hours

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Some of Our Incredibe Staff:

Nicole Langevin

Chellsie Memmel

Alicia Sacramone

Kristen Maloney

Wendy Bruce

Jason Gatson

Kristina Comforte

Justin Spring

Jeffrey Brown

Loana Cruz

Houry Gebeshian